Simply Sign In by Simply Genius Ltd.

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Our system does 3 things... simply

  • Collects customer details via tablet-based stations
  • Allows you to send marketing and promotions to your customers
  • Tracks every visit and provides business intelligence

With simple pricing too...

  • £80 per month + VAT

For your Customers...

• A modern, quick way to make a great first impression.

• Allows customers to enter their own details accurately.

• Free phone App to speed up sign in for return customers.

For your Marketing...

• Great tools to send automated emails and marketing campaigns.

• Publish information and promotions to the phone App.

• Build community and engage with your existing customers.

For your Business...

• Detailed business intelligence giving you up-to-date numbers to inform your business decisions.

• Access your current and historical performance with great reporting tools.

• Visualize trends and customer demographics to drive your marketing and sales.

Contact us...

Please send an email to our friendly staff and we'll get back to you: