Customer Sign In - Electronic Disclaimer - Email Marketing

Our system does 3 things... simply

Collects visit details and disclaimers via computer tablet based stations
Allows you to send marketing and promotions to your customers
Tracks every visit and provides business intelligence
The Customer
signs in

• online from home

• or on secure
iPads or tablets
at the venue
The System
records the visit and
the customer details

sends automatic emails

provides reports and business intelligence
from £145 • €165 • $185 per month no hidden extras no minimum term


  • A modern, quick way to make a great first impression
  • Allows customers to enter their own details accurately
  • Free phone App to speed up sign in for return customers
  • Go paperless, go green - everything is stored on the web


  • Great tools to send automated emails and marketing campaigns
  • Publish information and promotions to the customer phone App
  • Build community and engage with your existing customers


  • Detailed business intelligence giving you up-to-date numbers to inform your business decisions
  • Access your current and historical performance with great reporting tools
  • Visualize trends and customer demographics to drive your marketing and sales


  • Simply Sign In is delivered as a web based Software Service
  • No minimum contract period - just a low monthly subscription
  • Create an Account for your Venue and start your 1 month free trial

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