• A modern, quick way to make a great first impression
  • Allows customers to enter their own details accurately
  • Free phone App to speed up sign in for return customers
  • Go paperless, go green - everything is stored on the web

Sign In

  • When customers arrive at your venue, they sign in using a computer tablet based station
  • They enter the details you require and sign your disclaimer if you have one
  • Return customers can just enter their email address and password, or use the phone App to sign in faster
  • They also choose the event they are attending from a list of current events
  • The process is highly configurable, so you can capture as much or as little information as you require

A great first impression for your Customers

Front Desk

  • Your front desk staff have a computer or large tablet to use
  • The customer's details automatically appear on the front desk computer
  • When you have collected payment, mark the visit as confirmed and it's complete

Quick and easy for your Front Desk staff