• All features are available at all pricing tiers
  • One simple monthly subscription
  • No hidden extras
  • No minimum term


  • Customers can sign in from home or at your venue
  • Automatic emails after each visit or campaigns to your whole list
  • Great business intelligence to inform your business decisions
  • All in the cloud and available from any internet connection

There's more!

  • Generate revenue by displaying adverts when your kiosks are not being used
  • Free phone app with your content to further engage your customers
  • Design and publish contact forms to allow customers to reach you at any time
  • Provide online loyalty cards to encourage return visits
  • Allow your customers to choose their language when they sign in
  • Build your email list with online subscription forms
  • Configurable fields to record extra information about each customer and visit
  • Different disclaimers for different event or customer types
  • Even time cards for your staff

Simple Monthly Pricing

  • Equal monthly payments over the year
Up to 200 visits per month average
2,400 visits per year ⇒ $0.90 per visit
Up to 1,000 visits per month average
12,000 visits per year ⇒ $0.24 per visit
Up to 3,000 visits per month average
36,000 visits per year ⇒ $0.12 per visit
More than 36,000 visits per year
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