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Customer Stations

You will also need one or more customer stations. These are made up of three things:

  • (required) an Android tablet computer
  • (optional) a secure stand for the tablet
  • (optional) a physical keyboard

Tablet Computer

You can use any 10 inch Android 4.4 or later tablet that you may already have to get started

If you'd like to buy new equipment, we offer two options:

  • An unbranded tablet for £70 + VAT

    These budget tablets are quite capable of running the kiosk software

  • For making the very best impression, a Samsung Tab E ( SM-T560 ) for £130 + VAT

    These tablets are still reasonable priced and have better quality screens

Secure Stand

Brateck make good secure tablet stands. Here are two options:

  • "Industrial" style for £50 + VAT
  • Enclosed "Professional" style for £80 + VAT

Physical Keyboard

Physical keyboards are optional, but help speed up the sign in process

  • Unbranded tablets usually have a separate charging port as well as a USB port, so you can use a standard mini wired USB keyboard with them.
    We can supply these for £20 + VAT
  • The Samsung Tab E and most other branded tablets only have one USB port that will be used for constant charging, so you will need a wireless bluetooth keyboard with them.
    We can supply these for £50 + VAT


  • Please contact us if you'd like some advice - we'd be happy to help.
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